How can I find a company's market share?

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Our Passport database is the most likely resources to include market share (or brand share) as a calculated data point. Start on the Business Administration Subject Guide and expand the "Industry Information" heading to get to that resource. In Passport, start by searching for the company of your choice. Then follow the on-screen prompts to drill down to as specific a brand or product category as you want (or is available) and what geographies you want to focus on.  

When you get to that point and hit search, the results you hope to find are listed as "company shares." Passport is an amazing data company, and the thoroughness of the raw data you can access is almost paralleled, which also means it's complicated. Give yourself a lot of time to try different searches and to understand what all of the headings may mean. Also, they only have what they can get, so sometimes what you want may just be unavailable, in Passport or elsewhere. 

If you aren't able to find data in Passport, you may be lucky and find that the market share may be published somewhere. 

  • IBIS World (also on the Business Administration Subject Guide) will also have some market share data, but usually just the top three companies of each noted industry.
  • The Market Share Reporter resource publishes reports on some market share data. This resource compiles data from other published reports (which is always cited). The reports tend to report only the top brands and specific industries. But always worth a quick search. 
  • A newspaper or industry journal may have reported the market share in an article. Searching Multisearch or ABI/Inform for your company name and "market share" may yield some useful results. 

However, more times than not, you will need to calculate a company's market share yourself from available data rather than just find that as an already calculated data point. At its most basic, market share is a company's sales as a percentage of its industry's total revenues. Consult your course textbooks or ask your professor for more detailed calculation information. 

You can find the data typically needed to make the calculations in one of our company or industry databases. The most recommended database to do this is D&B Hoovers . Start by searching for the company name and noting the needed data there, Then look for the industries the company is assigned. Clicking on the industry name or code should take you reports and data on that industry. 

Remember though, private companies do not have to report financials, so you may have extra difficulties finding the company-specific data.