How do I find information on a company's corporate culture?

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This is a tough one in business research. No real "magic bullet" resource exists. Unlike certain financial details, "corporate culture" or governance structure isn't something that is really reported out in one place. Sometimes it's not even really "reported" at all. The best way to get into that for a company is looking at the company website and annual reports. A lot of information can be gleaned in the "About" section, or even "Contact Us."

Will it be biased and skewed to the positive? Of course. But this is a topic that really is self-report, and really at the word of the company on the issue.
Other options are to
  • search for articles written articles about the company. If there has been a controversy (or accolades), they'll be written about. See the Subject Guide for Business Administration for links to the recommended article databases. The top suggestions are Multisearch (the search box), and ABI/Inform Complete (a link out). 
  • (if the company is a publicly traded company) look at the executives list in key financial databases to get an idea of the named individuals in the executive positions. Mergent Online (listed under the "Company Information" section of the Business Administration subject guide) is a great source for that information, as well as compensation and ownership data.