How do I send email from a webmail link?

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Having trouble using the hyperlinks to send an email?

You have the ability to set which email client opens when you click on an email link.  You can either do this through the browser settings or through the operating systems default mail program.  If you wish to send an email from a linked hyperlink, and you either get a long technical series of questions, or it opens into a mail service that is not operational, here are some suggestions:

Since the email that opens depends upon the browser, you can follow the simple instructions and have your browser always do a consistent action, like open up a Gmail email window.

Here is a look at how Firefox suggests changing the program used to open email links:

And here is how Chrome does it:

Internet Explorer:

Choose Tools / Internet Options / Programs and select the email handler you prefer.



If you are on a public station and cannot change the settings, you'll need to do a copy and paste of the email address instead of just clicking on the link.