How can I get the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times online?

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The SMC Library has a site license for SMC community-wide access to Simply follow the SMC specific link the first time you access (, and create a new account.
The authenticated link may take you through the standard, SMC "Campus Authentication Portal" (sign in as you normally would). The WSJ specific "Create Account" screen will then be automatically populated with your SMC email and user name.  (Note: If you already have a personal account to using your SMC email, you can change the email pre-entered to another one. Or you can change that personal account to a new email before proceeding with creation of this new account.) On that registration screen, you'll also be asked to select your account type (faculty, staff, or student) and to then create a password. You will need to click the box that you agree to their Privacy Policy, Subscription Agreement, and Cookie Policy. You may uncheck the box to opt out of email updates.
After your account has been created, you can simply visit on any computer or mobile device (including the mobile device app) and sign in with the account credentials you created.
For faculty and staff: You will be reminded to renew your access every year. When this happens, you'll just need to revisit the registration link above to reaffirm your affiliation.
For students: This access will only be available while you are currently enrolled as a student. When creating your account, you will be asked for your anticipated graduation date. Per the license agreement, after you graduate, online access through the SMC Library will no longer be available. 

At this time, the Financial Times does not have a practical subscription models for institutional online access. Current content to Financial Times is only available via our print subscription available in the Library daily.

Online access to Financial Times via our subscription to the ABI/Inform database is embargoed 30 days. To access the titles through the databases, first go to the Business Administration subject guide. From there, scroll to the heading "Business Newspapers" and expand that section. Click on the link to Financial Times. If you're off-campus, you may be prompted to log in with your SMC username and password if you haven't already done so.