Why can't I access an online library resource or database?

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Authorized users:

The use of the Library’s Licensed Databases and E-Journals are covered by separate agreements for each resource.  

In general:

  • Use is restricted to Saint Mary’s academic research, scholarship, and other educational purposes or personal (non-commercial) purposes.
  • Authorized users include current students, faculty and staff of the College, and “walk-in” users of the Library
  • Fair Use, Copyright Law rights and ADA compliance are included
  • Course Packs, Interlibrary Loan and/or Reserve use may be restricted

Consult Library Staff for details regarding the use of specific licensed materials.


I've logged in, but can't connect to the database.

The database may be down. Please report it to the Library (Ask Us), and/or send an e-mail to Mike Jung mej3@stmarys-ca.edu (925) 631-4253. Screen shots are helpful!

Other important suggestions:

Firewalls: If you are trying to connect from work, there may be a firewall or other security preventing access. Please contact the System administrator of your workplace to see if this is so. You can also ask them if he/she can open Port 2048 for you.

Browser settings:
It is important to clear history/caches on your computer 
'Cookies' must be enabled 
Popups must be allowed
To change browser settings:


Select the 'hamburger' menu to the far right of the browser window and select Preferences. Choose the Privacy option in the menu, and under History click "clear your recent history". Here you can clear your cache and cookies.


Select the 'hamburger' symbol to the far right of the browser window and select History in the drop down menu.  From here you can clear the browsing data of your computer.  From this same window you can choose Settings at the left of the screen to see security or privacy settings.  (You can do a search on the page to find these quickly).


Choose the Safari heading, allow popups. Also select Preferences, then Security to indicate the security level for cookies. (An excellent choice is "only from sites you navigate to"). Go back to Preferences to clear the history.
Internet Explorer

Select Tool icon from the far left of the screen, then Internet Options. Select Privacy to control pop-ups and set cookies by moving the sliding bar up and down. The General tab allows the history or cache clearance.

More on Browser Settings

Try a different browser if you still can't connect. Certain browsers do not connect well with specific databases, or there may be a problem with the browser bundled with your Internet Service Provider. You should have more than one browser on your computer, or you can update an older version of a browser. All databases work well with Firefox.

Safari (for Mac users only)
Internet Explorer