How do I find a book?

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Check Albert Plus or Classic Albert!

Try a quick search in Albert Plus using keywords, the title, or authors to see what's available in our collection.

To search more precisely, use the Title or Author search options in Classic Albert to see if the library has a specific title.

To find out what books the Library has about a topic, use the Keyword or Subject options in Classic Albert. Once you find a book on your topic, try clicking the Subject and Call Number links to see other books in the same general subject area.

To find a book in the building once you’ve found it in Albert Plus or Albert, look at the Location and Call Number information in the catalog record. The Location tells you which area of the building it’s in, for example “Reference: 1st Floor” or “Book Stacks: 2nd Floor”. Within that area, books are arranged in sequence by the Call Numbers.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in Albert Plus or Classic Albert, click the LINK+ icon to check the combined catalog of our partner libraries.

As always, Ask Us, if you need help.